Buying a new car is an exciting time, but waiting is the hardest part. While most American buyers will take delivery directly from dealer inventory, that's not the case in Europe. To help placate its customers in Germany, Mercedes-Benz is letting customers make that waiting time a little more bearable with its new "Joyful Anticipation" program.

"Joyful Anticipation" from the Mercedes Me suite of services allows German customers to follow the build process of their new Mercedes-Benz every step of the way. By logging into a Mercedes Me account, customers can use their order code and receive up-to-date information on their new car and explore the various stages of production the Joyful Anticipation program explores in four areas: "Welcome," "Your Vehicle," "Your Production," and "Your Handover."

It's kind of like an ultrasound for your new baby. Your new baby made out of steel, glass, and leather, that is.

Each portion of the program goes into extensive detail to keep customers privy to any and all details on their new Mercedes-Benz. It also provides a slew of multimedia to explore during the production process, which is tracked in real time. Mercedes-Benz says "Joyful Anticipation" is only accessible in Germany for now.

The service is already available for those who have purchased a new Mercedes-Benz that is built at its Sindelfingen (CLS, CLS Shooting Brake, E- and S-Class), Rastatt (A- and B-Class, GLA) and in Kecskemét (B-Class, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake) manufacturing facilities. The Mercedes plant in Bremen, Germany, will feature the service shortly to track C-Class E-Class, GLC, GLC Coupé, SL, and SLC orders. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz SUVs built in the United States will feature the service later this year.


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