As you know, we love hill climb events. They allow a driver to extract every inch of performance out of a given machine, and the cars that participate are typically high-strung machines with drivers who may or may not be on full attack.

Occasionally, you find something very special running up the hill. In this case, it's an ultra-exclusive Aston Martin Vulcan hypercar and the driver is ready to put on a show for the gathered crowd at the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in Worcestershire, England.

Normally, you might expect a car like this to launch aggressively but cleanly and then rocket its way up the hill in an attempt to set a fast time. Here though, the driver mashes the throttle to produce big smokey burnouts and glorious noise. The tire are giving their lives to produce smoke and delight the crowd, but the car loses some time in the process. Much of the video above focuses on the launch, but then we get some additional footage of the driver giving it a go up the hill. He's not driving full out, but he's not babying it, either. Too bad there weren't cameras all along the hill.

The Aston Martin Vulcan employs a 7.0-liter V-12 engine that cranks out a massive 830 horsepower. This gives the car a greater power-to-weight ratio than Aston Martin's own GTE racing cars. Crafting the car around a carbon fiber monocoque body is the key to that stat. Multimatic, builder of the Ford GT and supplier of the shocks for the Chevrolet Coloraro ZR2, also makes the glorious spool-valve dampened suspension system.

Sit back and watch the wonderful burnouts, but make sure to stick around for the eventual screams of that mighty V-12 as it races up the hill. It's a mighty engine in an elegant machine and the two combine for automotive magic.