Tesla may have been the first to try its hand at home energy storage in the United States, but Mercedes-Benz is on deck.

The German luxury brand announced a new partnership with Vivint Solar to bring its home energy storage solution to America.

The energy storage system is installed in a home and offers a handful of benefits. To start, it acts as a backup generator should the power grid go down in the area. The more important benefit is reduced energy consumption and costs. Homeowners with the Mercedes-Benz energy storage system can utilize the energy to power their homes during peak electricity consumption hours—usually in the evening. Vivint supplies the solar energy system to trap the energy during the day, while Mercedes-Benz provides the battery to power the home.

Mercedes-Benz Home Battery Storage Unit

Mercedes-Benz Home Battery Storage Unit

Mercedes-Benz says the storage system consists of modular 2.5-kwh batteries, which may be combined to produce up to 20 kwh total. Vivint, in turn, will allow customers to customize the storage system to individual needs to help conserve as much energy as possible.

Of course, Mercedes-Benz is keen to point out its batteries are thoroughly tested—identical automotive-grade battery technology is used in its electric and hybrid vehicles—and are backed up by the same German engineering that has defined the brand for years.

It's not likely Mercedes-Benz will swing at Tesla's solar roof anytime soon, but it's becoming increasingly obvious automakers are looking to exploit new energy opportunities wherever they arise.