Dedication. That's what it takes to pilot a Ferrari 308 GTB every single day through the busy streets of Bangkok, Thailand. It's quite a special Ferrari to call a daily driver, too.

Chayanin Debhakam owns the yellow 308 GTB and was set on owning one from the moment he decided on purchasing a Ferrari. In fact, he made sure it was a carburated model to completely encompass the Ferrari he grew up to love.

The Ferrari 308 GTB was the first Prancing Horse to feature a mid-engine V-8. Before the 308 GTB, only a V-6 had been mounted in the middle. Debhakam enlisted the Ferrari Club of Thailand's president to aid in his search for the perfect 308 GTB. As you can see, it was successful.

When he first took ownership, Debhakam states that the car was actually finished in typical Ferrari red, but upon consulting with an official Ferrari importer, he learned the car left the factory in yellow with a black interior. Like any outstanding auto enthusiast, he was determined to restore the Ferrari back to its original state. Debhakam certainly seems like the right guy, as he goes on to say he always buys a vehicle's manual and studies the car before even purchasing whatever he's eying up at the moment.

Possessing those characteristics, Debhakam refinished the car and parades his trophy every single day. This is no garage queen; this is a proper love affair between man and machine. There are all sorts of love affairs, though, coming in all shapes and sizes. One man may daily drive his Ferrari, another may kick it about in the snow, or even go camping with his F40.