The magic of technology can make nearly anything look as simple as tying your shoes. We assure you, rebuilding a transmission is not easy, and it certainly cannot be done in less than five minutes.

But, Hagerty has returned with another rebuild timelapse, making the teardown of this Ford Thunderbird's automatic transmission look easy-peasy. However, even Hagerty admits the reassembly was a little tricky.

After removing the transmission from the Thunderbird, the unit is cracked open to a surprise of brown sludge and goo. That's washed out and cleaned up before work on the rebuild can really kick into high gear (pun intended).

Part of the process was to see what exactly makes an automatic gearbox tick, which remains a mystery to many to this day. We simply pop the gear selector in "Drive" and then head off on our way without any concern or thought behind it. Hagerty provides a pretty in-depth look at what's going on inside the transmission to make the lives of many motorists that much easier.

Through the rebuild, new clutch packs, seals, and gaskets are all assembled, mounted, and prepared to ensure the classic Thunderbird isn't de-winged for long. The car is then put back up on the lift and welded back shut before rolling out of the garage on its own accord.

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