If you just bought a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, the chances are good that you're quite keen on taking it out to your local drag strip.

The chances are also good that you're willing to see how it does in stock trim after letting the car break in over the course of maybe 500 miles or so.

This isn't the case if you're the fine folks running RPM Motorsports. They took delivery of a Camaro ZL1 and almost immediately pointed the bowtie badge on the front towards a local quarter-mile fast pass emporium.

The odometer shows just 60 miles. That fuel in the gas tank? It's the original gasoline that was put there by the dealer for delivery. Those rear tires? Oh, those have already been swapped out for drag radials. For good measure, a fresh tank of nitrous has also been added.

That all adds up to a new Camaro ZL1 that can rip off a quarter-mile jaunt in less than ten seconds. According RPM Motorsports, its Camaro ZL1 managed a 9.98-second run that also saw a trap speed of 140 mph. In full factory trim, the car should hit in the mid 11s.

Sure, that unknown quantity of nitrous and the super sticky drag radials help out immensely here. Still, a lot of credit is due to that 650-horsepower supercharged V-8 under the hood.

Now, with the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon already into the 9s straight from the factory, we have to wonder what RPM Motorsports could achieve with the car.