When Horacio Pagani first brought the Huayra to America, one of the first stops he made was at Jay Leno’s garage. That was back in 2011, and because the Huayra hadn’t been certified at the time Leno wasn’t actually able to drive the car. That issue was rectified just a year later and Leno finally got some time behind the wheel.

Now the Huayra has stopped by Leno’s garage for the third time. This time around, the car is the one-off Huayra 730 S originally commissioned by YouTuber Salomondrin (aka Alejandro Salomon). He sold it last year to famous Ferrari collector David Lee who has since had some upgrades installed.

Lee is on hand to detail the changes made such as the addition of Pagani’s Tempesta package which adds aero and suspension upgrades. There are also bigger wheels and a new titanium exhaust system that like much of the rest of the car’s components could double as a piece of art.

The Huayra 730 S was one of the first Huayra’s to receive a 730-horsepower upgrade. (The original rating was 700 hp.) It also came with a special paint finish that blended with blue carbon fiber body panels.

Pagani has finished production of Huayra coupes. The company is now focused on the more powerful Huayra Roadster which makes its world debut next month at the 2017 Geneva auto show.