Volkswagen will reveal the fourth member of its ID family of electric concept cars during next month's 2018 Geneva International Motor Show.

The new concept is called the ID Vizzion, and in addition to be electric the concept is also fully automated. In fact, it doesn't even have a steering wheel.

Other ID concepts also had fully self-driving capability, though they still had a steering wheel in case an owner felt like doing the driving. Not so with the ID Vizzion, which VW describes as a “premium” sedan designed to make getting from A to B as comfortable and safe as possible. VW is working with America's Aurora Innovation to realize self-driving technology. The automaker says it will have a fully self-driving car designed for city streets on public roads by 2021.

In the ID Vizzion, a digital “chauffeur” is ever present and can be communicated with via gesture and voice controls. It also learns an individual's preferences over time and can be directed to a given direction with just a few voice commands.

Left to right: Volkswagen ID, ID Buzz and ID Crozz concepts

Left to right: Volkswagen ID, ID Buzz and ID Crozz concepts

Considering the ID Vizzion measures 16.75 feet in length, which is right up there with the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, we could be looking at an early preview for the next Phaeton. The VW flagship went out of production in 2015 but an all-electric successor is promised for launch in 2020.

The size also suggests that the ID Vizzion rides on a separate platform to the MEB design of the previous ID concepts, which is more suited to small cars. According to VW, the setup in the ID Vizzion integrates a 111-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery and 300-horsepower electric drive system. The drive system features an electric motor at each axle and will see the vehicle reach a—likely governed—top speed of 111 mph. The claimed range is over 400 miles on a single charge.

The ID concepts preview VW's new family of electric cars, the first of which will be a Golf-sized hatchback arriving in 2020 and based on the original ID concept. Other members will include an electric successor to the iconic Microbus based on the ID Buzz concept, an SUV based on the ID Crozz concept, and a sedan based on this ID Vizzion concept. We also hear that a sports car is part of the plan. There will be electric versions of existing VW nameplates, too. In fact, the automaker says it lineup will feature 20 electric cars by 2025.

We'll have more details soon as the Geneva auto show starts March 6. In the meantime, learn about other vehicles appearing at the Swiss show by visiting our dedicated hub.