We've seen proof of it before, but now we have even more.

You're quite aware of the trio of cars being referred to as the Holy Trinity. One of those three is the LaFerrari. Ferrari claims there's no need for an electric-only mode since it "doesn't fit the mission of the car." Seems it fits the mission just fine if you're a valued customer who wants the unlock code required to access all-electron driving. Musician Jay Kay fits into that box because his bright green LaFerrari was spotted running silently.

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The car was spied roaring down a street in the UK before pulling into a local exotic dealership. Once it was time for the driver to head off, the car started to come to life but then remained silent as its maneuvered toward the exit. In this video, you can hear a starter motor start to kick on, but the engine doesn't fire.

It's odd that Ferrari wouldn't wish to publicize such a mode. It's not like we're expecting some massive range figure. The Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 won't go more than 20 miles when running in a pure electric driving mode. Perhaps the LaFerrari is much less than that, but it still wouldn't bother anyone looking to spend seat time in such a wonderful beast.

After all, it's the combined 950 horsepower and 665-plus pound-feet of torque with which we're most enamored.