Jay Kay

  • 1972 BMW 1602 that Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay learned to drive in

    Jamiroquai lead singer and car lover Jay Kay just sold the car he learned to drive in.

  • Jay Kay's green Ferrari LaFerrari for sale
    Mean, green machine: Jay Kay's LaFerrari listed for sale

    Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay is ready to part ways with his Ferrari LaFerrari, which is likely to be the only example finished in bright green paint.

  • 1969 Dodge Charger "Bullitt" replica
    1969 Dodge Charger owned by multiple celebrities is for sale

    It's rare that a celebrity-owned car comes up for auction, but this 1969 Dodge Charger replica has had multiple famous owners in its lifetime. The car is currently owned by Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay, an avid car collector and owner of a Kermit the Frog green Ferrari LaFerrari. Before him, the...

  • Jay Kay has a green LaFerrari and it was spotted driving on full-electric mode
    Jay Kay's green LaFerrari spotted running in full-electric mode

    We've seen proof of it before, but now we have even more. You're quite aware of the trio of cars being referred to as the Holy Trinity. One of those three is the LaFerrari. Ferrari claims there's no need for an electric-only mode since it "doesn't fit the mission of the car." Seems it fits the...

  • Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay’s green LaFerrari (Image via FerrariChat)
    Meet The Green Ferrari LaFerrari Of Jamiroquai's Jay Kay

    It’s safe to say that the bulk of LaFerraris destined for production will be painted various shades of red, but at least one of the cars has received a bright green finish nicknamed, for obvious reasons, ‘Kermit Green’. This particular LaFerrari belongs to Jamiroquai lead singer...

  • Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy
    Is Jay Kay The First Confirmed Owner Of A LaFerrari?

    It’s a well-known fact that Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay is an avid car nut. His cars have often featured in his music videos, including the famous clip for Cosmic Girl which starred a Ferrari F40 and F355 as well as a Lamborghini Diablo, and then there was his album cover for Traveling...

  • Salon Prive, the Luxury Supercar Event & Concours d'Elegance

    Any good Concours d’Elegance event is equal parts car show and celebration of the luxury lifestyle. If you’re in the one-percent, there’s plenty of opportunity to display your net worth; if you’re not, the chance to mingle with the ultra-rich while taking in the world’s best collector cars is usually worth the price of admission. We have events like Pebble Beach and Amelia Island, but Britain has events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Salon Prive. A relatively new event, Salon Prive bills itself as “the Luxury Supercar Event & Concours...

  • Black Ferrari Enzo
    Jay Kay's Enzo Gets Justice: Chef To Pay For Repair, Spend 5 Months In Jail

    In what appears to be a recession-fueled craze sweeping the world, yet another high-end sports car was attacked by an angry individual, this time a Ferrari Enzo supercar owned by Jamiroquai lead singer and famous Top Gear guest Jay Kay. Over the past couple of months we’ve seen reports of...

  • Jay Kay’s Ferrari 360 Spider up for sale
    Jay Kay’s Ferrari 360 Spider Up For Sale

    British car aficionado and musician Jay Kay from the band Jamiroquai is the owner of several exotic supercars, which include the likes of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benzes and Aston Martins. Among his collection was this convertible 360 Spider that is now up for sale for the second time after...

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