In what appears to be a recession-fueled craze sweeping the world, yet another high-end sports car was attacked by an angry individual, this time a Ferrari Enzo supercar owned by Jamiroquai lead singer and famous Top Gear guest Jay Kay. Over the past couple of months we’ve seen reports of imported vehicles being damaged in Michigan by individuals upset over the state of the Detroit 3, and in March a number of luxury vehicles and sports cars in Germany were attacked by protesters angered by the current economic crisis.

The attack on Jay Kay's Enzo, however, has no ideological reason behind it. Instead, the attack was the result of a drunken row between Jay Kay and pastry chef Aaron Billington.

The 21-year-old chef has since admitted to the attack and now has been sentenced by the Ipswich courts. The penalty: to pay for the repair of the Enzo, and to spend 20 weeks in jail.

The black Ferrari Enzo was parked at a hotel in the UK and, among other damage, had one of its windows smashed in. The tally of injuries to the million dollar supercar is estimated to be around $42,000, reports the Associated Press.

Luckily for Jay Kay, as the owner of a number of exotics, the singer won’t have to catch a bus or train anytime soon. Some of the other fast cars in his collection include a Ferrari F40 and F50, a Lamborghini Diablo, and even a Mercedes Benz G-Class.