California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been popping up in auto headlines a lot lately, most recently when he made a surprise visit to the Geneva auto show on last week.

Schwarzenegger is back in the headlines, this time following a promotional event where he was able to test drive the unique "hydrogen-assisted" Scorpion supercar from Ronn Motor Company.

The test drive took place on Tuesday and was brought about after Schwarzenegger read an article about the Scorpion in an issue of Men's Journal.

After receiving an inquiry from the Governator, RMC founder Ronn Maxwell promised to bring the car from its current home in Texas for the public outing at the steps of California’s Capital building.

Schwarzenegger is consistently on record as an advocate of fuel efficiency and as an auto enthusiast. Some of his previous cars have included a Bentley Continental GTC as well as the now, infamous Hummer H1.

For those unfamiliar with the Scorpion and its hydrogen-assisted powertrain, the car basically features an internal combustion engine (in this case a 3.5L Honda V6) that’s been converted to run on a mix of hydrogen and petrol. The car generates its own hydrogen fuel by fracturing water molecules drawn from a small on board water tank. According to RMC, the system will allow the Scorpion to return fuel economy of 40mpg while also allowing it to reach speeds of up to 200mph.

No availability details have been announced yet but the first customer deliveries are tipped to start by the end of the year.