Whether it’s a result of the global financial crisis finally taking its toll on even the richest of the rich, or perhaps even a temporary alignment of certain planets in the solar system, for some bizarre reason there are seven - yes, seven - ultra-rare, highly desirable, Lamborghini Reventon supercars currently up for sale.

It wasn't long ago that the prospect of owning a Reventon seemed nigh impossible. Even if you had the €1 million asking price, you would have to be on very good terms with Lamborghini to actually be offered the chance to buy one as only 20 of the cars were ever built.

All seven cars are listed on the JamesList online catalog of luxury goods but the sellers come from around the globe, with one Reventon up for sale from Dubai, two from the U.S., and four from Germany. The asking price for the cars vary depending on mileage, however, the least you'll pay for the privilege of owning one is still €1,250,000, while the most expensive example comes in at a heady €1,580,000 - a profit for its owner of over €500,000.

So just what makes the Reventon worth this kind of money? Apart from its ultra-exclusive, jet-fighter looks, the car features a 650hp (485kW) 6.5L V12 engine. Peak torque stands at 487lb-ft (660Nm) and drive is sent through a permanent viscous traction AWD system via Lamborghini’s e-gear transmission. As in the original Murcielago LP640, the Reventon accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 3.4 seconds and has a maximum speed of over 340km/h.