So you want a supercar, and you want something hand-made, but the typical Italian cars just don't do it for you? Well, then the Pagani Zonda is just the ticket. Still not exclusive enough? You need the Cinque. And €1,600,000 ($2,034,700).

Only five of the cars will be made, their hand-sculpted exteriors made almost entirely out of carbon fiber. Lovingly assembled just four cars at a time in Horacio Pagani's tiny workshop just outside Modena, Italy, the Zonda Cinque, like all of Pagani's cars, is as much art as it is instrument.

That's not to say it's not a fine instrument for carving a track: the classic cacophony of the Mercedes V12 and its 678hp (505kW)/576lb-ft (780Nm) torque output mate to the sublimely tuned chassis for the sort of speed not often found outside of a track-only racer. Of course, the Cinque shares lineage with the Zonda R, a track-only race car built for just 10 customers.

While you're at the German dealership selling the car through Jameslist, feel free to browse around at the Ferrari Enzos, Lamborghini Reventons, Pagani Zonda Clubsports (read our review here) and all the other British, German and Italian hardware on the show floor. You won't find anything quite like the Cinque - not even the one-off Zonda F with Cinque livery.


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