The man who brought you the Porsche emojis is back, and this time he comes bearing gifts for fans of the Chevrolet Corvette. Allow us to introduce you to Kevin McCauley's latest phone and tablet-scaled masterpiece. This is the Automoji: Bowling Green set, and it's packed with American sports car greatness.

Like with the Porsche pack, the Corvette group features some all-time greats built by the Bowling Green crew. You have all of the C generations represented, and some of the top models from each era. If you fancy sending the C2 Grand Sport to a friend, that car is included. The C4 Grand Sport is in there as well. Perhaps you prefer the modern Z06? This pack has you covered. From C1 up through C7, you have a Corvette that you can now use to ping a friend.

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Automoji Corvettes

Automoji Corvettes

The Automoji pack is available on iTunes with a price tag of just $0.99. That's a cheap way to store a whole lot of Corvette greatness in your virtual garage. Park them next to the Porsche Emojis, and pretend you're some sort of high-dollar virtual collector.


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