There's the smiley face. A thumbs up. Heck, there's even ...well, the history of that Emoji is a long tale, but we all sure use it a lot.

Now though, there's a set of Emoji ready for iOS 10 that is sure to please the automotive folks out there. It's the Automoji set for Porsche, and it's been created by friend of the site Kevin McCauley.

This is a new sticker pack for the latest installment of Apple's mobile operating system. It features some of the greatest Porsche vehicles from all eras. The Ruf CTR Yellowbird is there. That Strassenversion GT1 is ready for messaging duty. Even Magnus Walker's famed 277 Porsche 911 is eager to serve as some sort of mobile message bringer for your iMessaging needs.

Kevin McCauley created the Emoji set because he's a fan of all things Porsche. He's also done some great things in this space as he's the brains behind an Emoji set for SNL and Seinfeld as well. 

So if you're ready to upgrade to iOS 10, you should also be ready to add this sticker pack to your mobile device. You can check it out by going to It's available on the App Store for $0.99, and it's an easy buck to spare to bring cool Porsche graphic goodness to your phone.