Here's what we know: The Maserati Alfieri concept from the 2014 Geneva auto show is headed towards production sometime after 2018. Also, Maserati will get its first electric car around 2020. It's been hinted that a version of the Alfieri could be the brand's first electric car, though likely arriving after the gasoline-powered model.

While originally due in 2018, Maserati lacked a suitable platform for the sports car, thus a delay in the project has occurred. Of course, a new platform would allow engineers to plan for an electric model from the get go.

This leads us to a recent Twitter poll where we asked if you would want a gas or electric version of the Maserati Alfieri sports car.

A whopping 40 percent of you said, 'gas power for me," while 21 percent said you would choose electric power. Interestingly, 19 percent of you have little interest in either to which we say, have you seen the concept car? It's stunning.

Perhaps more concerning is that 20 percent of you responded with, "Alfieri?" This indicates you are clearly not spending enough time reading Motor Authority, but we'll forgive you. Here's everything you need to know about the Alfieri.

At the end of the day, whether you would opt for gasoline or electric power, one thing is for sure: the Alfieri is gorgeous and we can only hope the production version looks just as good.