Volkswagen's Australian division is gearing up for the local launch of an updated version of the Amarok pickup truck. Because it's Australia, which is the home of Mad Max, the local team decided to get creative with the launch of the refreshed ute. Taking the Mad Max theme quite seriously, VW turned to the person responsible for giving the "Mad Max: Fury Road" vehicles their look and had him create a one-off concept machine called the Korama.

What does that have to the Amarok? Take a closer look at the name Korama.

So this is supposed to be a reskinned Amarok, and it's meant to show off the off-road capability and overall strong performance of the turbocharged 3.0-liter diesel engine under the hood. That V-6 is producing 224 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque.

Volkswagen Korama concept

Volkswagen Korama concept

Volkswagen decided to hand over driving duty of the Korama to a few folks used to pushing a vehicle aggressively. They were all surprised to find that the Korama in question is really just an Amarok wearing a camouflage suit. The video reveal of the vehicle shows their surprise, but it also shows that there's probably a bit of video trickery going on.

When the Korama body is lifted off the truck, it looks a bit fake to our eyes. We think the Korama might sit on the bones of a new Amarok, but you can't simply remove the body shell as they did in the clip. Still, the engine specs and overall performance of the new Amarok do seem impressive.

It's a shame we'll never see one sold in the States, especially with that engine.