If you don't know by now, we're big fans of Volvo Trucks, not so much for the trucks themselves, as we have never driven one. Instead, we love the way the company goes about its marketing. First, we saw Jean-Claude Van Damme in the best ad ever. Next, Volvo decided to put a poor young valet worker to the test. After that we saw a strong man tow a massive amount of weight and a four-year-old girl take control. Now, we have a new stunt and it involves a mountain pass and one hell of a brave paraglider.

The first thing you will notice about this video is just how beautiful Croatia looks. This video takes place in the Dinaric Alps, and the surrounding roads and views are astonishing. Once you get over that, prepare to be impressed with the way the driver of the truck works with the paraglider she is towing to let him to perform some ridiculous stunts.

What's so impressive about what the truck driver does? She needs to achieve and maintain given speeds to raise or lower the paraglider. It's especially impressive when the paraglider needs to go a bit lower. We won't spoil that bit for you. Click play and check it out for yourself in the clip above.