• TuSimple self-driving semi truck

    The long-haul trucks will be tested along three major interstates in the southern U.S.

  • Ford Trucks F-Vision Future Truck concept
    Electric self-driving semi concept previews Ford's long-haul vision

    Ford isn't exactly known for semitrucks around the world, but that may soon change. At the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany on Thursday, Ford showed off its F-Vision Future Truck concept. Ford Otosan, based in Turkey and the automaker's largest commercial vehicle production base, debuted the...

  • Anheuser-Busch Nikola Two fuel cell semi
    Budweiser brewer orders 800 Nikola hydrogen-powered semi trucks

    Nikola Motor Company, the startup maker of hydrogen-electric-powered semi-trucks, has received quite an order. On Thursday, Anheuser-Busch announced it plans to purchase up to 800 of the company's semis. The order will effectively replace Anheuser-Busch's entire semi fleet with trucks powered by...

  • Shell Airflow Starship fuel economy record truck
    Shell Airflow Starship semi could set fuel-economy record

    While the auto industry has placed an emphasis on alternative fuels, electric cars, and other propulsion methods, the trucking industry is poised for an efficiency revolution of its own. Nowhere could that be more clear than in the Shell Airflow Starship semi truck. The semi truck and its driver...

  • Thor Trucks ET-One
    Thor Trucks reveals electric semi-truck to take on Tesla

    Tesla has already received a healthy stream of pre-orders for its electric semi-truck, but a new California company will offer an alternative. Thor Trucks revealed its first all-electric semi on Wednesday and it boasts promising specs in an attempt to rival the Tesla Semi. Thor calls its electric...

  • Teaser for Tesla semi truck debuting in September
    Tesla wants to make its semi truck autonomous, test it in Nevada

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the electric-car maker has plans to introduce an electric-semi truck in the near future, but new information reveals the truck will use self-driving capabilities. The electric-semi truck from Tesla will reportedly be capable of "platooning," and the Silicon Valley...

  • Volvo Truck tows paraglider in latest video stunt

    If you don't know by now, we're big fans of Volvo Trucks, not so much for the trucks themselves, as we have never driven one. Instead, we love the way the company goes about its marketing. First, we saw Jean-Claude Van Damme in the best ad ever. Next, Volvo decided to put a poor young valet worker to the test. After that we saw a strong man tow a massive amount of weight and a four-year-old girl take control. Now, we have a new stunt and it involves a mountain pass and one hell of a brave paraglider. The first thing you will notice about this video is just how beautiful Croatia looks. This...

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