Lego car kits have been springing to life across the Internet for the last few years, and the enthusiasm with which they're purchased is impressive.

The next possible entry into that world is this finely detailed Jeep Wrangler crafted by Chiho Kim.

Road & Track came across this fantastic build on the Lego Ideas site. It's the place where talented brick builders can craft the ideas clogging up space in their brains. The big idea in Kim's brain? A Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that he fitted with an impressive amount of detail.

The roof, as you'd hope, is removable. Those familiar seven slats in the grille? They're right up front. If you lift the hood, you'll find an engine, and there's also a small fire extinguisher if your bricks decide to combust. The Jeep comes wearing a license plate and packing a tow hook, and it also seems to have a GPS system in the mini center stack.

If you like this Jeep, you should offer your support. When a Lego Ideas build gets enough love behind it, it can move on to a proper evaluation phase. If it's approved, it will then wind up in stores for you to buy much like that Porsche 911 GT3 RS that folks were recently fawning over but unlike that full-scale air-car, which you won't find at a Toys"R"Us.