If you're going to steal a car, you might as well go big and pick one with as much horsepower as possible. That might lead you to a Dodge dealership, where you'd be staring down a Hellcat with its 707-horsepower supercharged V-8 engine. That's what a group of teenagers did at the Napelton Mid Rivers Dodge dealership in St. Peters, Missouri. They didn't make it very far down the road, though.

The group trekked from their homes in Kansas City to rip a quartet of cars off the dealer's lot. This went down at 1:30 in the morning. Two of the stolen vehicles were Hellcats and less than a mile away from the dealership, they became destroyed Hellcats. Three of the cars were recovered, and two of those are believed to be totaled according to Fox2Now.com.

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An employee of the dealership happened to be driving by the lot when he saw lights. He called the police, and three suspects were taken into custody. Their ages? Just 16, 17, and 19. Because of those teens, the dealer is down to just one Hellcat on his lot and he says it's going to take several months to get a fresh allocation.

You shouldn't steal cars. If you do, you're a terrible person. Furthermore, you shouldn't steal a Hellcat...because you're probably going to crash it. This kid could probably handle it, though


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