A Hellcat is an expensive plaything, but a plaything nonetheless. It's a blast to play with for kids of all ages. Even those as young as 10 can appreciate it, apparently, because that's how old the kid is in these videos.

We don't have much to go on but we do know that this isn't the kid's first time lighting up the rear tires. It appears that his family has a nice bit of land on which to play, and this is how they unleash some horsepower. If you're on private property, in a controlled environment, we say light 'em up. Maybe don't let your 10-year old do it, though.

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There really couldn't be a better machine for teaching this young hoon in the making just how to do a burnout. Put your left foot on the brake, stomp your right foot down on the gas, and it'll burn rubber off the rear tires. The supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V-8's 707 horsepower makes easy work of brake stands and burnouts.

Still, it's a lot of car to control and the kid seems to have the basics down pat. Full-on adults have tried this and wound up with bent metal.

Basically, these videos are a glimpse into the heart of anyone who does a burnout. Light up the rear tires and your inner 10-year old comes out, along with a glorious cloud of smoke.

Burnouts are awesome. 


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