A new NASCAR-themed movie is headed to theaters late next year, but it doesn't look like it will have much in common with "Talladega Nights" or "Days of Thunder."

Set to star Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Riley Keough, Adam Driver, and Seth MacFarlane, "Logan Lucky" will depict a heist at Charlotte Motor Speedway. According to early reports out of Hollywood, the film will be about two brothers who plan a crime during a NASCAR race at the North Carolina superspeedway. 

Steven Soderbergh will direct "Logan Lucky," a promising move given his role in directing the thoroughly entertaining "Ocean's Eleven."

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“It’s a big-hearted, fun story that showcases NASCAR and Charlotte Motor Speedway as the world-class sports entertainment property and venue that they are, much like the Bellagio in Steven’s 'Ocean’s Eleven,' " said NASCAR vice president of entertainment marketing and content development Zane Stoddard.

Katherine Heigl is also rumored to play a major part in the movie. How this film will play into rumors that Daniel Craig may not return to the James Bond franchise remains to be seen.

Filming for "Logan Lucky" is set to start in Charlotte this fall, but pre-production will begin with this weekend's Coca-Cola 600. 


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