As Porsche factory driver Patrick Long points out in this last installment of his driver's training course video series, 55 corners and 2300 feet of elevation change over the course of 7.5 miles is bound to be a good time in the proper car.

But it is even more fun when the driver has the proper training.

Oh, in this case, the proper car is a Porsche 911 R, the German automaker's new, back-to-basics sports car that combines a naturally-aspirated flat-six engine with a manual gearbox and track-oriented suspension tuning. It's basically a simpler version of the 911 GT3.

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The 911 R is not cheap, and it isn't common, either. Just 991 are set to be built.

In this final video, Long takes his two pupils to one of the original stages of the Tour de France Automobile, a race that was won by Gerard Larrousse at the helm of the original 911 R.

Long reminds the two students about what they've learned so far before sending them off to eagerly attack the challenging pavement.

We don't get to smell the fresh air or the burning rubber, but we do get to tag along and listen to Long's instructions (transmitted from a helicopter) specific to each corner.

Stay tuned to the entire video, because Long spends some time behind the wheel himself at the end. 

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