It may only be February but we may have already witnessed the best save of the year.

This clip from YouTube channel High Tech Corvette shows a drag meet between two current-generation Dodge Viper supercars.

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Things look hairy right from the start as one of the Vipers starts to go sideways almost as soon as the lights turn green.

The driver manages to hold it together but halfway down the strip the back end comes alive and the car is hurled towards a safety wall. Thankfully it misses the wall but in the slow-motion replay it’s scary to see just how close things got.

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We then see the driver making another pass later in the day and once again his or her car loses traction, this time crossing the center line and almost hitting another Viper in the other lane.

The drag race was part of the Viper Nationals event that took place this past weekend in Houston, Texas.


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