So you've plunked the required cash into the dealer's hand. You've signed the paperwork. You've got the keys, and you're ready to get more closely acquainted with your new beastly baby. And get acquainted you should, as you're now behind the wheel of a Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Mustang Shelby GT350 which has a 526-horsepower 5.2-liter V-8 engine mounted up front. It's ready to rock... but are you?

If you want to make sure you're prepped for this sort of power, then perhaps you should sign up for a track day event with your new ride. Ford's got you covered there, because a Track Attack program is now available. Any customer who purchases the latest Mustang Shelby GT350 and more hardcore GT350R will be able to attend a one-day driving school.

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It's something Ford has done in the past with it's higher-spec Mustang variants. Those who bought a 2012 Boss 302 were able to attend the Boss Track Attack program, which took place at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. This is also where Ford held its Octane Academy for customers who purchased Focus and Fiesta ST hatchbacks.

Track Attack classes will then begin in April, and they're set to take place in Utah. Miller Motorsports Park is now called the Utah Motorsports Campus but the action should be just as high as it has been in the past. Actually, it should be even more fun now that Ford has its most heavily track-focused variant to date in the GT350 and GT350R.

The new program is free to attend but customers will be responsible for airfare and lodging. There are also options for extra festivities and even a chance to drive a race-prepared Boss 302 or Mustang GT.

“We want owners to really understand the car’s capabilities, so we are going to give them the opportunity to learn how to really enjoy the Shelby in a fun and safe environment,” Ford Performance marketing manager Jim Owens said in a statement. “By putting them behind the wheel of one of our Shelbys at the Ford Performance Racing School, owners will have a good sense of what this car can really do.”

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