Volvo at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show confirmed that its all-new S90 sedan going on sale later this year will be fitted as standard with its latest Pilot Assist semi-autonomous system.

The original version of Pilot Assist made its debut on the 2016 XC90 and allows the vehicle to accelerate, decelerate, come to a complete stop and steer in road conditions with clear lane markings based on the car in front up to speeds of 30 mph.

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The version of Pilot Assist debuting on the S90 offers the same functionality but can operate at speeds of up to 80 mph, meaning highway driving. It also no longer requires a car in front to track.

Volvo is one of the leaders in the area of autonomous cars, as the automaker sees the technology as the best means to reduce traffic fatalities to zero. Next year, Volvo will loan 100 examples of its XC90 fitted with its full-autonomous technology, known as IntelliSafe Auto Pilot, to residents in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. They will be able to experience full-autonomous driving in certain sections of the city.

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