One Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Focus driver became a hero to thousands of fans attending a recent Public Enemy concert in the United Kingdom. Photographer Kevin Wells was at a music store where the famous hip hop group were signing copies of their new album and offered to give them a lift when the driver of a hire car meant to take them to the concert apparently left without the group.

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Fortunately, 50-year-old Wells was familiar with the streets in Sheffield where the concert was held and was able to rush the group, including leads Chuck D and Flavor Flav, to the venue on time. Wells took a quick selfie to remember the occasion and posted it to his Twitter account @BigwhopperKevin.

He told The Sheffield Star that Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was playing on the radio during the trip and they all sang along. There was a bit of trouble when Wells pulled up to the venue and was greeted by security but that was all sorted once he rolled down the windows.


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