Alastair Moffatt is better at parking than you. Much better, in fact. He has the certification to prove it. You see, Moffatt is the Guinness World Records holder of the title "Tightest Parallel Parker." Now he's added a new title with the addition of "Tightest Reverse Parallel Parker." Yes, he is better than you at parking in two directions.

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It was recently Guinness World Records Day in the United Kingdom, which is a thing you now know exists. On this day, Moffatt took to a parking lot at the site of the famed Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit. There he managed to reverse slide his classic Mini Cooper into a space that left just 34 centimeters to spare. Moffatt bested the previous record by 1 cm, which was set back in 2012.

But that's not all. Recently, Moffatt also recaptured the standard Tightest Parallel Park record when he slid a vehicle into a spot that had just 7.5 cm of space. He took the record back from Han Yue, who set the previous record of 8 cm in 2014.

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