Remember your driving test? Parallel parking probably seemed like the hardest part of getting a license, but there are some that have almost made it a competitive sport. Yes, the Guinness World Record for parallel parking has been hotly contested in recent years. Chinese stunt driver Han Yue recently regained the title of most-precise parker after losing it to a pair of British brothers last year.

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Yue broke the record in a MINI Cooper S during the recent China Drift Championship event at Chongqing Olympic Park, sliding into a space just 8 centimeters (about 3.1 inches) longer than the car. That beats the 5.16 inches set by Alastair Moffatt in an original Mini. That happened on the same day his brother John beat Yue's original record, but now Yue is back on top and it looks like he might be there for some time.

The dramatic sliding seen in the video isn't just for showing off, either. With so little clearance, reversing a car into the space the conventional way simply won't work. With this latest record, it seems like there's as little room for advancement as their is between the parked MINIs' bumpers.

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It's also somewhat ironic that, while professional drivers are competing to accomplish the tightest parking jobs, the number of regular drivers that can competently parallel park could very well decrease as electronic aids take over much of the work.


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