A new world record for the tightest parallel park has been set, with Guinness World Records confirming that the new distance is a gap of just 5.16 inches.

The new record was set twice, initially by John Moffatt and then a second time by Moffatt’s brother Alastair.

The brothers accomplished the amazing stunt on December 10, 2012, during filming of a segment for the British television program Officially Amazing.

And since they accomplished it on the same day, Guinness officials were happy to enter both their names into the record books.

At the distances we’re talking about, the only way to parallel park a vehicle is by spinning it into the spot, rather than the conventional way of reversing into it.

And in case you were wondering, the brothers used an original Mini Mayfair for the stunt. They certainly didn’t mind smashing the car on some of the attempts, which does partially diminish the incredibleness of the stunt. Others have done it with zero damage.  

Who will be the next driver to break the record? Considering the gap is just 5.16 inches now, realistically, how low can the margin for error go?