I began writing for High Gear Media in April of 2011, and since that time I’ve penned some 2,944 articles for Motor Authority, Green Car Reports and The Car Connection. I’ve driven some amazing cars, seen some amazing places and met some truly amazing people over these past two years.

And now, with this post, it’s over. I’m closing this chapter in my automotive writing career to start a new one, as an associate editor with Hemmings Motor News. On the plus side, that means I’ll never again have to use the phrase “infotainment system,” and I can completely forget that I ever learned the word “telematics.”

On the down side, it means I won’t be driving the latest cars, but more importantly it means that I won’t be working with the talented staff at High Gear Media any longer. I’m proud to call the staff here my friends, and each and every one of them is truly passionate and knowledgeable about cars and the automotive industry.

Why would I give up a life of travel, fancy hotels and fast cars tanked with free gas? The answer is simple: modern cars and I are growing apart. In fact, cars become more like smartphones with each passing year, making them less and less interesting to me. Capability does not equal personality, and automakers are failing to realize this.

It was an honor when I was asked to write for Motor Authority, because I believed it to be one of the best auto websites on the internet. I still believe the same thing, and I know how hard its staff works to bring you the latest automotive news. The same holds true for the writers at Green Car Reports and The Car Connection.

For new car info, please keep the High Gear family of sites bookmarked, and tell your friends and relatives about them, too. If you want to continue reading the stuff I crank out on a daily basis, you’ll find it on the Hemmings Blog.

Finally, I’d just like to say “thank you” for reading what I’ve written over the past few years. Your reader comments have made me laugh, taught me a thing or two and (occasionally) raised my temper. I sincerely hope my writing has done the same.