Today is our first day in nearly two years without the presence of contributor Kurt Ernst, and while we miss him and wish him well at his new job, the news keeps flowing.

Tesla has decided to kill its most affordable version of the Model S, due to a lack of demand in pre-orders. While we'd have thought a lower entry price would help bridge the gap to the arrival of their entry-level electric car, Tesla thinks it would be too costly to develop the 40-kWh Model S. What's your take?

Does your car's black box need a firewall? A startup company thinks it does--and wants to provide it for you. This might just be one for the tinfoil hat crowd, but there is a legitimate question of onboard vehicle data privacy here.

Another Bentley was crashed in New York City this weekend. While it's nothing unexpected, it's no less unfortunate. This particular examples is rather badly mashed up--though it's not the worse we've seen.

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