Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC will face a racial discrimination lawsuit over the presenter's fracas with producer Oisin Tymon, The Guardian is reporting.

Damage awards are uncapped in the United Kingdom and have been known to exceed the equivalent of $150,000. But given the high profile nature of the case, and quite honestly, Clarkson's fantastic wealth, it's not unreasonable to expect that Tymon will seek a settlement worth considerably more.

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Along with partners James May and Richard Hammond, the former Top Gear star recently inked a three-year, $250 million deal with Amazon for a new show. 

While a trial is a possibility, we expect the parties will reach an agreement before the case hits a courtroom. Because given Clarkson's well-documented history of controversial statements regarding Romanians, Mexicans, Indians, and Asians, any defense would face an uphill battle.

Along with bloodying his lip, Clarkson reportedly called Tymon a "lazy Irish" [something with rhymes with "shunt"]; and the ethnic disparagement will likely form the heart of the claim. At this point, none of the parties involved—or Amazon, for that matter—have commented on the case.


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