The original Land Rover Defender is nearing the end of its long production run, yet it will still be celebrated for decades to come. Additionally, there are companies out there that turn your average Defender into the monster it truly wants to be. Twisted, for example, has installed a 6.2-liter V-8 engine in one. And then there's Kahn Design that can even build you a six-wheeled version.

Another company known as JE MotorWorks has been wrenching on Land Rovers for 40 years. One of their craziest creations is the Zulu2 Super Defender, which sees a supercharged V-8 beating beneath its bonnet.

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JE MotorWorks takes a standard Defender and, much like Singer, re-imagines it. This re-imagination includes placing a forced-induction engine from the Jaguar Land Rover family under the hood. This pushes the output up to 475 horsepower, and you'll know it thanks to the extra-shouty stainless steel exhaust system.

These don't come cheap, as you might imagine. A Zulu2 conversion can easily run you more than £150,000. A straight conversion to our currency turns that into over $230k. That's a whole lot of coin for a hopped-up farm truck. Still, it's an exclusive and ultra cool farm truck at that.

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