The King of the Street Texas Invitational brings amazingly powerful vehicles out of the woodwork. The goal is straight-line speed, and the cars need four-figure horsepower to compete effectively. Normally we expect to see the AMS Nissan GT-R running in the top spot, but that car wasn't there this time. Instead, it was a mightily modified Audi R8 that took home the top trophy.

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Underground Racing tweaked this R8 immensely. A massive pair of turbos and a number of other mods help push the output to more than 2,100 horsepower. At least that is what the team estimates as anytime they try to dyno the car they have to deal with tremendous spin. Regardless, the driver says the car is still streetable. This Audi retains its air conditioning, and it could apparently be taken on a road trip if the owner so desired.

It's also capable of ripping off a 213-mile per hour run down the airstrip that serves as the racing surface for the Texas Invitational. Throughout the day, the R8 posted multiple runs over 200 mph. During its final face off, it was paired against a GT-R that did nearly the same all day. The GT-R posted a 210 mph top speed, but it wasn't enough to outpace the R8.

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It's even more incredible when you consider the GT-R is running slicks and a parachute, and the R8 is on street-legal R Compound tires. Check out the video to witness ridiculous power in action.


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