Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] CEO Elon Musk said we can expect to see a Tesla with over a 600-mile range as soon as 2017, and that by 2020, the figure could climb to 725 miles.  

Currently, the highest range Tesla can go 300 miles between charges.

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Musk made the statement during an interview on Danish television. During the discussion, he also said the company's forthcoming Autopilot program will be available by the end of October. The news comes just ahead of the first deliveries of the company's long-awaited Model X electric crossover, set to begin September 29th with an official launch event.

Expanding its lineup will be key for Tesla, as the California startup is about to face unprecedented competition from established players like Mercedes-Benz—reportedly readying its own electric SUV—and Audi, which showcased an e-tron quattro Concept at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. 

The next major landmark on Tesla's product roadmap is the 2016 debut of the entry-level Model 3 sedan, But if history is any guide, there will be plenty more revelations from Musk before then.   


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