The last thing we heard about a Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] rival from Mercedes-Benz was that it was "coming soon."

Other than potential for a 300-mile range, details regarding the vehicle remain thin. But Car and Driver is reporting that visions of a sleek sedan or coupe might be unfounded. Thomas Weber—the Mercedes development chief whose remarks triggered initial speculation—recently ruled out a number of platforms, including a sports car, compact hatchback or Smart-style city car.

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The glaring omission from that list, of course, is an SUV, and since Weber also cited the space required for batteries as a key factor for the project, it looks likely that a high-riding Benz is what form the green machine will take. That would put the future Mercedes in direct competition with Tesla's forthcoming Model X, as well as Audi's planned electric SUV, which gives the impression the Germans are spoiling for a fight.

We can't wait to watch the fireworks. More on the mystery Mercedes when we have it. 


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