Honda has a rich and full history. The Japanese company produces everything from snowblowers to Formula One engines, and everything in between. We're talking about dirt bikes, side-by-sides, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boat engines, and even an airplane and a freaking robot! To showcase this wide range of products, Honda has created an ad that takes you on a journey through both time and its family of machines...all done with bits of paper shot in stop-motion animation.

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This is advertising done right as it is sure to make a wide range of enthusiasts smile. If you like riding dirtbikes, there's a part for you. If you appreciate the Honda classics like the CVCC, you're going to be happy. Perhaps you have an appreciation for future-thinking products like the Acura NSX and even the HondaJet. Then get ready to enjoy this video.

Hell, even if you don't like Honda, you should admire the hard work that went into the creation of the ad itself. It required a whole lot of paper, a ton of photographs, and many hours of work. It all comes together perfectly in one two-minute piece that celebrates the brand as a whole. 

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