The deal is about what we'd expect from a guy named Rooster.

It's hardly as bad as Decca Records snubbing the Beatles, Seattle's last Superbowl play, or VW's diesel deception, but Rooster McConaughey's decision to name his son Miller Lyte for a year's supply of beer wasn't the best move. The kicker? McConaughey—the brother of Hollywood star Matthew—only got 24 cases from the brewer. 

Can you say emancipated minor? Here's what else happened this week:

  • A JaguarForums member is lucky enough to have snapped up the rights to one of Jaguar's 250 Project 7 roadsters the storied English marque will produce. And it turns out a helmet comes free with the car. Hopefully this baby sees the track.
  • Magnus Walker—the guy who looks like Rob Zombie but is actually famous for his Porsche collection—threw a party at his space in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, and a writer from 6SpeedOnline was there. Wow.
  • The general consensus on Ford-Trucks is that the new Super Duty is straight-up ugly. Some have even compared it to a Chevy. Which makes it even worse than some idiot who drowned his last-gen model while trying to unload a boat.
  • Whether the sun reflecting off the hood played a factor is unknown, but a genius in Southern California slammed his chrome-wrapped Corvette into a gas pump last week. CorvetteForum mostly feels the car was put out of its misery.
  • In a more deliberate case of destruction, an enraged S63 AMG owner in Korea went to town on his ride with a golf club, claiming it was a lemon and the dealer had screwed him. The folks over on MBWorld found the video pretty painful.

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums! 


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