Jay Leno took his Garage on the road, so to speak, when he and his film crew arrived in Monterey for Car Week this year. While up North away from his actual garage, Leno met up with Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum. The two chatted about the F-Type Project 7 before hopping in and taking the limited-edition cat for a spin on local b-roads.

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After spending time chatting about the Jaguar, Jay moves on to something a bit older. This episode serves up a two-fer on the automotive front. Leno focuses his attention on a 1916 Sturtevant Auburn. Never heard of it? That's probably because Sturtevant only produced cars for about two years. It came about after WWI, when surplus engines were left around that would've normally found their way into airplanes and industrial equipment. What do you do with an unused airplane engine? Stick it in a car and go racing!

We like Sturtevant's moxy and we wish they would've stuck around for a few more years.

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