It's called the "Nu Big Thing." You've seen it grace these pages before, and each time we're amazed at just what it and the team behind it are doing. The car is a Smart car thing that's been modified with a new engine. This new powerplant is a litter more motivated to move the Smart forward. Gone is the inline three-cylinder engine, and it's been replaced with a 555 cubic-inch big block V-8. This Smart now sees 750 horsepower, and it's been reworked to become one of our favorite drag racers.

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When we first saw it, the Smart had a 462 cubic-inch engine, pulled wheelies, and could run the quarter mile in less than twelve seconds. The second time around, the team had switched to the 555 and was breaking into the ten-second range. This time? The Nu Big Thing is properly dialed in because it's now running 9.963 seconds, and has a trap speed over 130 miles per hour.

Let's just say this again so your brain can begin to process the madness. We're dealing with a Smart car that's about eight feel long. It has a 555 cubic-inch V-8 big block. That big block burps out 750 horsepower, and that horsepower pushes the car fast enough that it covers 1,320 feet in less than ten seconds. Can you imagine going that fast with such a short wheelbase?

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What a glorious time to be alive.


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