Videos that provide detailed technical info and give point-by-point commentary on driving dynamics are always great resource.

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And this latest video from Porsche? It's not one of those at all. And that's cool too.

Here, we're treated to a minute and a half of Stuttgart's GT lineup on the track in Leipzig, and for Porsche fans, it's more than worth a watch. We could honestly due without the soaring score, because we think the pure sounds of the 911 GT3 RS, 911 GT3 and Cayman GT4 would be music enough.

And while the Martini livery on the 911 GT3 Cup might prove a little too much on a street car, we'd be hard pressed to turn it down if pressed on checking that option box. 

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Porsche has a reveal planned for the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, but at this point, it's unclear exactly what it is.

Until we can fill you in, enjoy this video.


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