TVRs have always been a niche product, but it appears there’s plenty of pent-up demand for a new one because the company has managed to sell a year’s production allocation for a new sports car in just six weeks—without even showing any of the car or revealing how much it will cost.

About two years ago, the rights to the TVR name was sold to a consortium of investors led by entrepreneur Les Edgar, a previous owner of a TVR Cerbera and a stout believer in the brand. He’s promised to launch a handful of new TVRs, the first of which will be a sports car due to enter production in 2017.

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TVR stated taking deposits for the new car in July of this year and within six weeks had received 250 deposits, or enough to fill all build slots for 2017. Deposits are still being taken, but TVR operations director John Casey has told Autocar that any orders now placed will not be delivered until 2018. Production will be slowly ramped up once the company has been re-established and more models are launched.

Yes, the new sports car will be just one of at least four new models TVR is planning for the next ten years. Helping to develop the cars is none other than McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray through his eponymous design consultancy Gordon Murray Design, and powering them will be a V-8 engine supplied by Cosworth.

In keeping with the brand's bareknuckle tradition, the cars will reportedly be raw, driver-focused machines. So don't expect to see a state-of-the-art dual-clutch gearbox, hybrid systems, or electronic nannies. The key ingredients here will be a lightweight chassis, a high-horsepower engine and a third pedal.

The first details on the new sports car are expected to be released soon. Pricing is expected to start at £50,000 (approximately $76,750).


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