You know what no one out there likes? Potholes.

They take over a stretch of local road and soon enough your alignment is off, your suspension is creaking, and you're blowing out tires and mending bent wheels.

Potholes are the mosquitoes of the automotive world.

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Jaguar and Land Rover is already looking to take the bite out of this menace. And the British automaker may soon have some help, because the company that has a hand in everything on the planet appears to also be looking at ridding the world of this scourge.

The company we are talking about is tech giant Google. Popular Mechanics has managed to discover a patent filed by Google that looks to begin to help tackle the problem that is the pothole. The system relies on shock sensors that are triggered when a car hits a pothole. Once the sensors do their sensing, the car sends its location via the GPS system so that the pothole is tracked and cataloged.

It's not just about the cataloging of potholes, however, as Google will also use this data to determine the average level of bumpy for a given road. From there, Google can determine the severity of a pothole based on the shock sensor data it receives.

You probably know that Google is also working on bringing autonomous cars to the world. I'm sure you can see how this technology would pair perfectly with these roving automotive robots. Once the potholes are identified, the data could be shared with the local city or town, and then... well, then the data would sit and collect dust.

Potholes are forever.


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