Rumblings about a high-riding Jaguar to take on the likes of the SUV models from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz date back close to a decade, but things never got serious until the unveiling of the C-X17 concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show two years ago. At this year’s show, Jaguar will finally unveil a production SUV, one that will go by the name F-Pace and offer an unrivaled breadth of dynamic ability.

The F-Pace will stand out from the crowd thanks to its lightweight construction. That construction is based around Jaguar Land Rover’s aluminum-intensive iQ[Al] platform that features in the latest XE and XF sedan models. But in addition to being light, the F-Pace will also pack some pretty advanced chassis technologies, some of which has been borrowed from the F-Type sports car.

One of the highlights will be Jaguar’s Instinctive All Wheel Drive with torque vectoring. On The F-Type, the system controls the level of torque between the front and rear axles as well as between the rear wheels. Then there’s the electric power steering that Jaguar says provides immediate response and a more connected feel than your typical setup. This is because it’s been tuned to react to even the slightest of inputs from the driver.

Finally, Jaguar says the F-Pace will feature double wishbone front suspension as well as integral link rear suspension instead of the more conventional multi-link setup. The integral link is said to provide excellent lateral and longitudinal stiffness. Specific tuning for the F-Pace means the suspension should provide responsive handling yet also ensure that the impacts, undulations and extreme cambers of even the most challenging roads are not a problem.

Stay tuned for the F-Pace’s reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 15, but in the meantime see what else will be present at the show by following our dedicated hub. Sales of the F-Pace are confirmed to start next year, meaning it will likely arrive as a 2017 model.


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