We don't see any official accolades from the folks at Guinness World Records surrounding this jump. And while we can imagine that the lack of prestige matters to some, the fact that decent video of a semi truck jumping 166 feet even exists is enough for us.

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The man behind the wheel is Gregg Godfrey, and according to his Instagram account he outdid himself with the jump: "Got the record at a 160ft. I meant to only go 140."

The stunt obliterates the 83 feet and 7 inches the Lotus F1 Team achieved last year, which actually looks considerably sketchier. Maybe it was the fact that they jumped over a moving race car?

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Regardless, this is an impressive stunt, and we're sure glad he stuck the landing, as there weren't any barriers erected to stop the semi if things had gone sideways. Enjoy.


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