When when think about the General Motors Company's [NYSE:GM] Milford Proving Grounds, we tend to imagine barely sub-sonic laps of the "Lutz Ring," or other kinds of high-performance testing.

But of course, plenty of other activity takes place at the historic facility.

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The latest addition to the grounds is the new 52-acre Active Safety Testing Area, and going forward, it will be the focal point of the company's safety efforts. Sections like a six lane simulated highway will make it the idea setting to refine groundbreaking technology like vehicle-to-vehicle communication, which will be a standard feature on the forthcoming 2017 Cadillac CTS. And the premises will also provide specialized spaces to tune potentially lifesaving functions like Front Pedestrian Braking, City Speed Front Automatic Braking, and Night Vision. 

A significant section—16-acres—of space will be reserved for the testing autonomous and robotic cars. Now, as we wrote last week, GM has partnered with the University of Michigan to test at its simulated "M City" campus, but we expect any significant advances to happen in-house first. How long it will be before the general public gets a peak at progress in that department? That's anyone's guess. 

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Watch the video for an inside look at what happens at GM's new Active Safety Testing Area. 


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