You already know what Singer does. They take older model Porsche 911s and make them works of automotive art. Up until now, the company had stuck to re-imagining coupes. That's all changed because the first 911 Targa has received the reimagining process, and the results are absolutely wonderful.

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The man behind those gorgeous Singer machines (and no we don't mean classic sewing machines) is Rob Dickinson. It's immediately clear that the man knows Porsche 911 products inside and out, and he applies this knowledge to help shape the cars he builds for his customers.

Case in point are all the detailed touches of this latest 911 Targa project. The hoop of the targa has a nod to older Porsches, while a second carbon fiber-crafted roof panel looks towards a more functional future. Out back below the engine lid sits a 4.0-liter unit that pairs with the six-speed manual gearbox plucked from a 993. The ride is no doubt excellent thanks to the Öhlins suspension setup on the corners. Inside, the level of craftsmanship and luxury has of course also been raised, and it's as beautiful to look at in the cabin as it is from the outside.

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These are exceedingly expensive machines, and we have to imagine they find homes with folks who cherish owning them. We also hope they get driven because that combination of the good looks and enjoyable powertrain is one that must be pushed to be truly enjoyed.


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